CashBack FAQ's

CashBack is a way to reward you for shopping with us! You get to choose whether you want your CashBack as a gift card or as a Visa prepaid card you can use anywhere.

The reason a date of birth has to be provided is to ensure we are not issuing CashBack to minors. If a date of birth is entered that our system flags as below the age of 18, we cannot issue the CashBack. This information stays completely confidential and not stored within our system.

We trust you, but to ensure that fraudsters don't take advantage of the CashBack system, there is often a holding period that corresponds with our return and refund window. Once this has passed, you will be able to use your CashBack!

This gift card can be used on the payment page of checkout. .

This card can be used anywhere online that accepts Visa--which is pretty much everywhere!

If a you receive any sort of refund (full or partial), the CashBack will automatically be suspended. This includes if you credit a shopper for a delayed or damaged product.

Currently, we only support orders placed in USD. Since we can't issue CashBack on non-USD orders, these CashBacks will be suspended.

Check your email. After a qualifying purchase, you will receive an email to redeem your CashBack. You just need to complete the CashBack redemption form, and then you can select your preferred CashBack redemption method. Depending on where you purchased you can redeem your CashBack as either a Visa prepaid card or a bonus gift card.

You may only redeem one CashBack at a time. If you have more than one CashBack, you must use them for separate orders.

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