Care for your shoes and they will care for you

Red Moose products share a single, common goal — to help people maintain their shoes. Many do not realize the importance of proper shoe care. You buy a pair of shoes, you treat them like shoes, and then you wonder why they look dull, worn out, and don’t last very long.

If you treat your shoes with the loving care they deserve, they will love you back. Regular cleaning and polishing make all the difference in the world.

Let’s begin with a quick reference guide to Red Moose shoe care products:

Polishing Cream

Add color and nourish leather with a medium shine.

Polishing Wax

High shine and protects against water, light scuffs, and scratches.


Moisturizes leather, keeping it from getting dry and cracked.

Liquid Shoe Polish

Restores original finish, no buffing required and protects from water spots


Products that clean, protect, and moisturize shoes.

The benefits to properly maintaining your shoes:

Proper care will keep your shoes looking like new

Well-polished shoes make a good impression

Shoes last longer when they are regularly cleaned and polished

Shoes maintain their shape and condition with proper care

Save money on having to replace shoes frequently

Steps to ensure the best care for your shoes:


Clean dirt off shoes daily if necessary,
never put shoes away
with dirt on them.


If shoes get wet, dry them off as soon as possible.


The more often you wear a pair of shoes, the more often you should polish them. The key is not to let the leather dry out.


Store your shoes in
bags or boxes.

Proper shoe care involves much more than regular cleaning.

Breaks from wear

Leather retains moisture, from perspiration, rain, and snow. When the leather gets wet, it can cause shoes to lose their form, and even cause permanent damage. You can prevent this by taking a break and not wearing the same pair every day.

How to put
your shoes on

How to take
your shoes off

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