Care for your shoes and they will care for you

Red Moose products share a single, common goal — to help people maintain their footwear. Many do not realize the importance of proper shoe care.

If you treat your shoes with the loving care they deserve, they will love you back. Regular cleaning and polishing make all the difference in the world.


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A little maintenance and your shoes will continue to look like they did on the day you bought them. Get educated.

Shoe care tips
Good stuff- for good shoes

At Red Moose we believe that style should be genuine and effortless; that genuine craftsmanship is about the myriad little details that are hard to discern individually but come through collectively.

About Red Moose
About Red Moose

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One step forward,
two socks back.

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Perfectly polished from head to toe

A well-polished shoe is the final touch to a starched shirt, pressed suit and flawless tie knot. Learn how.

Polish your shoes