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How To Remove Stains From Suede Shoes

Nothing says class and sophistication like rocking a pair of suede shoes. The soft, velvety feel of the fabric is unparalleled and makes you look stylish and confident no matter where you go.

But stains can mar the beauty of your suede shoes - from everyday dirt to accidental spills - making them look dingy and dull.

Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to get rid of those pesky stains and restore your suede shoes to their former glory.

In this article, we'll walk through how to clean dirt off suede shoes so that they always stay looking fresh.

Dealing With A Stain On Suede Shoes

The first step on how to get stains out of suede shoes is to avoid cleaning them with any sort of liquid. Water, rubbing alcohol, and other liquids can make the suede ‘hairs’ more fragile, plus scrubbing suede while it’s wet will cause it to rip out the hairs and leave bald patches in their wake.

Also, many make the mistake of using harsh detergents on their suede shoes, but this is a bad idea as it will make the fabric even more vulnerable to wear and tear.

How To Get Stains Off Suede Shoes

Instead, the best solution when it comes to how to clean stained suede shoes is to use a suede eraser on the fabric while it’s dry. A specially designed suede eraser is made of natural rubber and works by rolling off dirt on a smaller scale.

How To Get Dirt Out Of Suede Shoes

In addition to using a suede eraser, you can also use a specialized suede brush to pull dirt and gunk off your shoe first.

Brushing with the suede brush first will help loosen any particles that are stuck on the fabric so you can more easily remove them. Once the dirt is removed, you should be able to safely use the eraser to get the last of the stain out. This two-step process will help you effectively remove dirt and stains from your suede shoes without damaging the fabric.

However, if you don't fully remove the dirt with the brush before using the eraser, you might end up pushing the stain further into the suede fabric.

Dealing With Oil or Salt Stains

Oil stains may be common in the kitchen, but they don’t have to spell doom for your shoes if you know how to get stains out of suede shoes. To remove an oil stain, you can use cornstarch on the surface and let it sit for a while. This will wick most of the oil into the starch, and then you can use a brush to remove the cornstarch.

While salt is one of the worst stains you can get on a suede shoe, it doesn't have to be a lost cause. First, use a brush to clear away as much salt as possible. Then, prepare a soft wet cloth and a dry microfiber cloth. Dip the wet cloth in warm water and gently dab the area with the stain until it’s damp. Then, use the dry microfiber cloth to soak up any remaining moisture.

With a little patience and the right supplies, you can keep your suede shoes looking pristine.

Prevent It From Happening Again

suede shoes after learning how to clean dirt off suede shoes

Prevention is better than cure so it’s best to try and avoid stains in the first place. To achieve this, a suede-stain repellant spray will be your best friend - preferably one that offers year-round protection and is also water-resistant. In fact, our protective formula creates a one-two hydrophobic combo to keep your shoes lasting longer so rain and stains don't stand a chance.

There is a full process for cleaning suede shoes regularly to extend their life, but it's not something that needs to be done often if it's done right. From using a shoehorn to protect your shoes to how to use our specialty eraser, our guide on cleaning suede shoes has everything you need to know to keep your suede shoes looking their best.

Can You Use The Same Tools On Anything Suede?


The same tools and techniques discussed here can be used on any item made of suede, whether it’s a jacket, bag, or even furniture. Remember to always use caution when treating items that are not shoes, as they may have different cleaning requirements.

Don’t forget that a little bit of preventive care goes a long way, so use a protective spray on any item made from suede to maximize its lifespan. Also, get your suede cleaning kit that includes all the essential items - from a suede brush to our specialized eraser - so you'll always be ready for any dirt or stain that comes your way.

With our guide and the right cleaning supplies, you should be able to keep your suede items looking their best.

Finally, if you ever find yourself at a loss, reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help point you in the right direction.

Get The Right Tools For The Job

Using the correct cleaning tools can make all of the difference when it comes to maintaining your suede items. Investing in the right products such as our protective spray and stinger suede eraser will not only keep your shoes looking their best but also help extend the life of your suede items.

Shop Red Moose for all your suede cleaning needs. From our specialized erasers to protective sprays and cleaning kits, you’ll find everything you need to keep your suede looking its best for years to come - and with our help, you can be confident that you’re getting the best quality items.

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