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Red Moose With 4 Tips to Keep the Inside of Your Shoes Clean and Fresh

When you think about shoe care, you likely think about cleaning and protecting the outside—that's the part that's visible, after all! However, you shouldn't neglect the inside of your shoes either, as damage can be done from the inside out as well as emitting unpleasant odors from regular use.

Red Moose has four tips on how to care for the inside of your shoes to keep them clean and odor-free.

  1. Keep the Inside Conditioned

The leather on the inside of a shoe can crack just as easily as the outside. It's not as exposed to the elements, but salt from your feet sweating can damage the leather and cause cracks. You'll want the leather on the inside to be able to breathe, so a leather lotion or conditioner (like the one found in our Mink Oil Paste Kit) is advised for the inside rather than a traditional cream or polish. After the application, allow it to dry overnight, and do this procedure two or three times a year.

  1. Easy Deodorizing Method

A quick way to eliminate odors in the shoe before they get bad is to use the ever-versatile baking soda. Apply enough powder to coat the inside of the shoe, let it sit overnight, and then dump it out in the morning. If you're worried about applying baking soda directly to the leather, you can fill up an old sock with two tablespoons of baking soda and stuff it inside the shoe to sit overnight.

  1. Less-Mess Method

Another household product that can help with shoe odors and not produce as much of a mess is a dryer sheet—a scented one is even better. This is a nice option because you can leave the sheets in your shoes in your closet or even in your gym bag and just remove them before wearing the shoe.

  1. Don't Forget About Your Sneakers

Depending on how active you are, your sneakers may be more worn out and smelly than your dress shoes. This is doubly so if your shoes happen to get wet (if that occurs, take out the insoles and place paper towels in the shoe to soak up the moisture before it has a chance to settle and develop a mildew smell). Apply Red Moose's Shoe and Sneaker Deodorizer and Sneaker Cleaner regularly to extend the life of your sneakers and save you plenty of cash in the long run!