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A Step-by-Step Guide on Making Sure Your Shoe Fits

It can be tempting to save time and buy a shoe that doesn't feel like a perfect fit but feels good enough. Or it can be even more of a time-saver to stay in the comfort of your own home...
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Red Moose Helps You Choose the Best Running Shoes

As with any other specialty sport, there are seemingly limitless styles and varieties of running shoes, and they are definitely not all made the same. If you're just getting started, having the right shoes can be the difference between a...
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How to Waterproof Your Shoes from Red Moose

Waterproofing your shoes might not be something you think about until it's too late. It just takes one summer downpour or unexpected winter storm to ruin a pair of shoes though, so it's something that you should address now before...
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Red Moose's Guide to Buying Leather Boots

Summer is winding down, and boot season will be upon us before you know it. And for men, wearing boots doesn't have to be only something you do when the weather is bad; boots can make as much of a...
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How to Remove Scuffs and Scratches From Your Shoes

Scuffs and scratches are the bane of the existence of the shoe aficionado. Nothing can put a damper on a nice pair of shoes more than a misstep here or rubbing against a different surface there. But alas, not all...
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