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Red Moose on How Mink Oil Protects Your Shoes

Mink oil is commonly used to protect leather shoes and boots, but it is really versatile enough to protect just about any material—including vinyl and plastic—when it comes to footwear.Before we get to exactly how mink oil works to protect...
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Red Moose on How to Get Rid of Shoe Odors Fast

You may have the process of taking care of the outside of your shoes down pat, but having a great-looking pair of shoes won't mean much if they stink! Keep them Dry! The No. 1 culprit for shoe odor is...
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Red Moose With Everything You Need to Know About Shoelaces

Many people take shoelaces for granted, just using the ones that come with the shoe and not even really thinking twice about it if they don't like them, they come untied often, or anything else. If you're looking to perfect...
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Red Moose on the Best Way to Condition and Waterproof the Soles of Your Shoes

The part of your shoes that is likely to get the least amount of attention is the sole, but taking good care of it is vital to the health of the entire shoe. Many shoe soles are now made of...
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Red Moose on The Differences and Benefits of Slip-On vs. Laced Shoes

One of the great things about shoes is that it's a place where men can show some individuality and style. While there aren't too many options when it comes to business attire, the colors and styles of dress shoes are...
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